The Capital Automotive Group believes that supporting and being involved in our local community is a social responsibility that is integral to the lives of our customers, employees, and people in the cities we are a part of.
Capital Cares is our way of being involved! Our dedicated and energetic staff is excited to be involved in our communities making a positive impact.
Capital Cares strengthens our community by providing financial, in-kind, and volunteer support to various organizations, educational and social programs, groups, and individuals.

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We continue to be motivated by all of the inspiring initiatives in our community. Every year, Capital Automotive Group invests thousands of dollars back into the community in support of various community initiatives. In an effort to streamline the process of making a support request, and to help our committee make tough decisions, we ask that all inquiries complete our Capital Cares Application Form and refer to our guidelines for eligibility.

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Evaluation Criteria
  • The impact that Capital Cares support will have on a community,
  • How the funds or support will be used,
  • The timeframe of the initiative being considered.

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Capital Cares
  • RMDH Regina

    We are very excited to announce that the Capital Auto Group (Capital Cares) has teamed up with Ronald McDonald House Regina as a founding partner! Ronald McDonald House is a much needed addition to Regina and Southern Saskatchewan. The property has been secured (corner of 15th and Scarth St.) and construction will begin this summer.


  • Queen City Pride

    The Queen City Pride Festival is an annual 10-day celebration of Regina’s Gender and Sexually Diverse (GSD) communities. The festival program features a collection of events organized by Regina Pride and in partnership with local community organizations. At Capital, we are proud to support an organisation that aims to educate, entertain, and enlighten our audience on the rich diversity of our city.

    Queen City Pride

  • We’re proud to support the following charities and non-profit organisations.

    Canadian Cancer Society
    Carmichael Outreach Incorporated
    Children’s Hospital Foundation
    Habitat for Humanity
    Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDRF)
    Evening in Greece
    Canadian Mental Health
    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RQHR)
    Regina Food Bank
    Regina Humane Society
    Regina Pride
    Regina Science Centre
    Regina Firefighters
    Salvation Army
    Souls Harbour
    Wascana Chick-a-Dee
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